Remove Water Or Oil-Based Ink Stains From Carpet

Carpets are the main attraction in the house. In addition, it adds beauty to the home. And everyone buys carpets according to their choice to bring comfort and charm to the premises. Moreover, carpets come in many varieties such as flush, textured, cut and loop, and many others. Therefore, we need to vacuum the carpet regularly to extract all dust and grime from it. 

So, in this article, we will look at several ways to remove water or oil-based ink stains from carpets. We have shared common and effective home remedies through which you can remove all the unwanted stains and spots from the carpet. Rest, if nothing works for you, then without wasting much time take guidance from a professional carpet cleaner to avoid future damages. 

Some Ways To Remove All Oil and Water Stains From The Carpet 

Here we have listed some common ways to remove water or oil-based ink stains from carpets. So, let us take a tour of all the points one by one: 

1. Steps To Remove Water-Based Ink From Carpet

If accidentally you got a water-based ink stain on the carpet, then don’t panic and follow the steps mentioned below immediately.

  • Take 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid + lukewarm water
  • Dip a cloth in water, then dab it on the ink stain
  • Repeat this method until the stain is gone

Furthermore, if these steps do not provide desirable results, then you should take assistance from the carpet cleaners, as they have more knowledge as compared to us. In addition, they have many other ways to extract all the water-based ink from the carpet and will provide a clean carpet to you.

2. Ways To Remove Oil-Based Ink From Carpet

There are multiple ways to eliminate ink stains or spots from the carpet. Moreover, with the help of these points, you will get your carpet back in its original shape and look. Therefore, some common ways are as follows: 

  • Rubbing Alcohol: Put some drops of alcohol on the stains and gently blot the stain with the help of disinfected cleaners. Repeat this till the stain is gone. After that, wash the stained area with water. 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Furthermore, you can also fix the stain with the help of Hydrogen Peroxide. In addition, this solution will help to remove old and permanent stains. You just need to take a piece of cotton and add some hydrogen peroxide to the cotton and clean the area. After that, leave the carpet overnight. 
  • Shaving Cream: Additionally, for stubborn ink-based stains, you can also use shaving cream. Spray a thick layer of cream on the stain, and then dab the shaving cream and wipe with the use of a sponge until the stains are gone. After that, vacuum the carpet properly. 
  • Bleach: Moreover, you can also use bleach, but be careful because bleach will make your carpet colourless. But, it will extract all the stains from the carpet. 
  • Commercial carpet cleaners: There are some products available in the market which are made for the purpose to remove permanent ink spots from the carpet. Follow the instruction written on the label itself.
  • Call Professionals: Removing stains is time-consuming as well as stressful. So, leave all your stress or responsibility by hiring a team of professional carpet cleaners. Experts will provide a more effective way of cleaning the carpet. Moreover, you can also ask for prevention tips for the future. 


So here we can conclude that taking proper care of the carpet is necessary. Moreover, there are many tricks and tips available to remove all the unwanted stains from the carpet, especially removing water or oil-based ink stains from the carpet. But each step should be followed by taking safety measures and detailed information about the method. Furthermore, you can also take the help of experienced carpet cleaners.